Scanaway Electronic Medical Record Management, and Practice Management Program


  • Scanaway is GREAT!!! Not only was it up and running in a matter of minutes without a single glitch, it is so simple to use I do not have to worry about the computer ability of my staff who will be using it. It is not just "office" either. Once I tried it, I decided to scan all of my personal home documents as well. In a matter of a few days, I was able to scan in 2300 pages of bills, tax returns, important documents, etc and catagorize them, back the data up on a CD for permanent storage and shred the hard copies. I love using Scanaway both at work and at home. Not bad for a version 1 software.

    David Kramer
    Office Manager - Robert M. Karns, M.D.

  • Scanaway looks to be a great product that will really improve the speed of filing for medicine or any business that requires sorting of large numbers of scanned in pages.

    Daniel Griffin, MD
    Internal Medicine
    Forth Collins, Colorado

  • Overall, I believe the program has tremendous potential in the marketplace.

    Yours sincerely.

    Steven A. Gold MD
    Graystone Family Healthcare

  • I've been playing with Scanaway most of the weekend and must say that I'm very impressed. Considering that it was barely six months ago that we chatted (until 3 AM I might add) about his product and now it's here.  Congratulations to you and all of the programers, developers etc who brought this to life.

    Given a little experience with Scanaway, I think that I may be able to replace my existing
    system without much trouble.

    Thanks for listening.  Keep up the good work.

    Matt Nagorsky, MD
    Philadelphia, PA

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Scanaway Electronic Medical Record Management, and Practice Management Program
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