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Personal Training Available

Although not necessary, personal training is also available for a low $99 fee (per person, per session). This may be the way to go if you DO decide you need actual training. Typically, this one time training takes less than an hour, and one member of your practice can then teach everyone else!! To schedule your support or training session, please call us toll free at: (818) 592-2900.


How is your system any better than the very inexpensive general document storage software programs available today?

The other systems rely on folders you need to create for each patient. You then have to manually move documents into them. Often you cannot sub classify documents by type. If you can, the process can be extremely tedious and time consuming – we've seen how people create “new folders” for each type of document, within the patient folder. The result is that classifying each image may take you 20 times longer in these systems. Then, finding the right document is another drama.

Scanaway, on the other hand, has been specifically created to take advantage of the fact that your office receives dozens, if not hundreds of chart-related documents and faxes per day that should be handled all at once. Each document needs to be sorted by patient and by type of document (i.e. Radiology, Letters, Referrals).

Scanaway is meant to optimize the data entry of this information on each page you scan, so the scanning and classification of the entire daily documentation can be done in a few minutes: many times faster than in the general type of document programs.

In addition, finding a record (or a part of a record) in Scanaway is made far easier by the use of Search/Insert( tm ), a unique search engine that is made for medicine. This powerful engine, helps you quickly find what you need.

This is one reason that Scanaway comes with a free trial version. Just try it and compare!

I don't have time to read a 100+ page manual to learn to use your product properly. Isn't there an easier way?

Scanaway is quite intuitive and you probably can figure it out simply by looking at the demo. However, for $99 we will train you or your staff to use this program in half an hour! Our trainer will link with your computer over the internet to be able to see everything you are viewing, and manipulate your mouse and keyboard. Then she can teach you (over the speaker phone) how to use your own program to index the files at rapid pace, and to find any document stored or archived. Then you or your staff can teach everyone else just as quickly and easily!

Suppose, in the future, I wish to transfer this stored information to another product. How can I do that?

Simple: Just export any and all of your documents within seconds. Your documents will appear inside your designated folder - very well labeled now - so you can easily re-import them into your favorite program.

I want you archive my old records. Is that possible?

There is no faster way to archive your old medical records. The slowest step of the process will be removing the cover from your old chart.  You place the documents inside your scanner's automatic document feeder (ADF) making sure there are no loose papers, and Scanaway will classify all images instantly under “OLD PATIENT RECORDS” or whatever other name you choose.

Because our clinic is very small, HIPAA is not that important for practical purposes. How are the HIPAA features of benefit to us?

True, in a small clinic, your staff is privy to and has need to know most information. Yet, logging in the information as to who saw what when, and more importantly, who printed what part of the record for whom, is extremely important. Your use of Scanaway should pass any HIPAA inspection if handled properly. You may also use the HIPAA features to store personal documents, which only you can access.

I use a slow scanner. Won't this make a big difference in the speed of indexing?

No, it will not. While you and your assistant are performing other tasks, the scanner is doing its thing. Thus, the speed of the scanner does not determine how much time it takes you or your assistant to perform the indexing and storage part.

Your assistant first presorts the documents by hand in a few minutes, and then she or he places them in one pile face up (or facedown) on your scanner. Then one can forget it and let the scanner do its thing. In a few minutes (or hours with a very slow scanner) your files will be inside your computer. Then, your assistant can sort them with Scanaway in very few minutes, so the actual time spent by your assistant in indexing is very short no matter how slow the scanner.

Does Scanaway have to be connected to the Internet to work? If my Internet connection goes down will I have problems starting the program and accessing my medical records?  

No. Scanaway need not be connected to the Internet to work, only to receive your license. This actually happens on four occasions: when you first install the software, when you need to extend your trial by one week, when you purchase the product, and if you ever need to change computer servers. Dial up will work during these four events, and can be connected temporarily. The process in all four events is automatic, but you need to be connected for all of these. Other than that, you need not be connected at all, although by being on the Internet you can see your charts anywhere you happen to be (i.e. at home, at the hospital, etc).

I presume each patient has a folder into which documents are scanned. How are things organized?

No, it is more dynamic than a simple folder system. Scanaway comes with a proprietary Search/Insert™ feature which can find and reorganize a patient's chart (or part of the chart) for you instantly, simply by keying in a few letters. For example, you simply key in the first letter of the patients last name, the Search/Insert will narrow the list by only patients with that letter. Add the 2 nd letter of the last name, and the software will narrow down the list again, so that within a few keystrokes you get what you are looking for.

Each record  includes several attributes (patient name/registration number, type of document, date of entry, and others) that make it easy to find via the Search/insert.

Note there is a great demo available on just this feature: Download Demo

I do not have a fast scanner right now, how should I test your product?

Because Scanaway does not interface directly with the scanner, you may test it with ANY scanner you like, even the manual type. Your scanner dumps the scanned documents into a given folder, and then Scanaway goes to that folder and captures all the files for indexing. You may then delete the outside files when you are done. The speed or type of scanner does not make any difference.

How about password protection, logging, etc?

The program has full password protection and full HIPAA protection. You may apply restrictions on every member of your team as to their "need to know," as well as automatic logs created for every record seen, changed, or printed. You can index all your patient records, EOBs and even your office bills.

Does Scanaway run on a peer-to-peer network? Can it be accessed from any of the computers within the network?

Scanaway works great on a peer-to-peer or any type of network.

If you download the manual, in the last chapter, you will see how to configure one of the machines with Terminal Services so that can continue using your system the way it is, and yet have Scanaway run on all your machines in the office, the hospital, and at home!

Scanner Interface Problems And How To Avoid Them

Scanaway uses a truly unique way of interfacing to all scanners and fax machines: It doesn't!

Instead, it finds the folder where your scanner or fax program has deposited your scanned files (Note: Some scanners come connected to specialized software such as Paperport®, which holds the documents. Simply disconnect it and let the files be deposited in the folder of your choice).

This makes Scanaway a snap to install. After scanning your documents, they will show up in your selected folder with an assigned number:

Will it work on my client-server network?

If you currently have a client server system, you can still use it by adding to your server or any workstation running Windows2000 or Win2003 the Windows Terminal Services.  The current solution is ideal for small and medium size practices. Scanaway's network/multi-user system uses Windows® Terminal Services. Not only is this less expensive than a standard network database such as Oracle™ or SQL Server®, but it also allows you to operate your program outside of your office. You can connect from other clinics, your home, the hospital, and even when you're on a trip. Terminal Services gives you a true “office without walls”. 

A powerful database such as Oracle or SQL Server is truly not needed when all that is required is the storage and retrieval of simple graphics files. We have solved the memory barrier found in less expensive databases, and we have stress tested Scanaway for up to one million images (at which point we got tired of adding any more!) without any appreciable loss of power, reliability, or speed. And remember that you can always export all your images to other applications that may come your way with the click of a button.

Bottom line: You need not spend a fortune to have an excellent medical data repository!

How long should I store records?

Most states, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, mandate that records be stored for at least ten years after the last visit. Please contact your insurance company for up to date requirements and standards. Some malpractice carriers require a longer storage time than your state may mandate. Check with the Medical Board and with your carrier.

Can I destroy old records?

Yes, as long as you have exceeded the minimum legal storage time mandated by your state. Most states ask that a summary patient record be created with a statement regarding any destroyed or deleted patient files. However, with Scanaway, patient files can be archived and stored indefinitely. We suggest that you move old files to a hard drive or to a CD or tape. In addition, some states allow a digital copy to replace a paper record. Your insurance carrier will have information on your state's digital copy laws. Paper records that are archived in Scanaway can be stored less expensively offsite for at least the state's mandated storage time, and then discarded. You'll have all of your documents, immediately accessible, and just a mouse click away with Scanaway.

What if my Computer Crashes?

Scanaway has an excellent back-up system. First, you must familiarize yourself with the back-up section in the user guide. You will NEVER have a problem with lost records if you back up properly within Scanaway.

Will I need to buy an expensive hard drive?

No! Electronic storage space is not an issue with today's hardware. Any computer purchased recently should have at least 60 GB of hard drive space. Your entire office's billing system will usually take up no more than 5 GB of hard drive. If you plan to store many graphic images, your system requirements may be higher.

What scanner can I use?

Any Windows® compatible scanner. If your scanner works with Windows, it will work with Scanaway!  See our recommendations under Hardware.

Can I use the scanner over a network?

Yes. Your scanner can be a network device, or it can be attached to a workstation. Any computer running the Scanaway software, can tap into the main database.

Who can use the software?

Anyone in your medical office. Because the software requires NO TRAINING, even your "least computer savvy" office personnel will use Scanaway within minutes. From the doctors, to the office manager and administrative staff, Scanaway is for everyone.

Can I use an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend an ADF if your planning on converting all of your previous patient files into Scanaway documents. Of course, you can also scan one page at a time.

Will I be HIPAA secure?

Yes. Your documents will be encrypted. Each user will have their own name and password. Each time a user enters, their activities are logged into an audit trail. This includes what patients they viewed, what documents they scanned, and what pages were printed or faxed from the system and for whom. You're HIPAA protected with Scanaway.

How do I get support?

The good news is that Scanaway is so simple to operate, that it almost does not require any support. However, if needed, you can call our toll free number and we will connect remotely via the Internet -support fees may apply-. Before you obtain support, however,  please click here to download your HIPAA ASSOCIATE AGREEMENT. Please sign the agreement and fax a copy, keeping one with your other HIPAA records, as required by LAW. Then call us at: (818) 592-2900, or send an email to:

I have tried to install software on Windows 98, 2000, and 2000 Server with the same problem stating my trial period has expired but I have never seen this product before let along installed it!!!!

The most likely reason, if you are connected to the INTERNET when you install, is that you are working with a very old Internet Explorer. The good news is that you can download the latest version for free from the Microsoft Windows Site. Contact us and we will help you with this task.

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