Scanaway Electronic Medical Record Management, and Practice Management Program

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Stop Throwing money away! Scanaway the paper for good!

Scanaway is a medical document indexing software that conveniently stores and archives all of your scanned paper documents, voice dictations, incoming faxes, and video/movie files at extraordinary speed, and makes them available to you via your desktop, laptop, or tablet pc anywhere in your office, or wherever you have access to the Internet.

The key feature of this program is the Fast Capture Window that streamlines the way medical documents are indexed in your medical practice. In essence, one sorts all the incoming clinical documents by patient name and type, then feeds them all at once to the scanner via its automatic document feeder. After they are all scanned, Scanaway presents each document to the user instantly and in the order it was scanned, while also showing the two lists of patient names and labels ("X-Rays, Encounters, Letters, EOB's"). One simply selects the patient name from one list and the appropriate label from the other list, and presto…the document is instantly indexed while the next document comes up for review. Thus, in a few minutes a secretary can sort hundreds of physical documents and faxes presenting to your clinic daily, while creating instant Medical Records for your paperless office. In addition, you can include all other office documentation, such as insurance forms, bills, and even personal stuff, all indexed in seconds.

Scanaway is so simple to use, that your office staff, and your transcriptionist located thousands of miles away can begin your paperless conversion, within minutes after installing the program.

The other key feature of the program is the Search/Insert™, which is the most effective way to view patient patient medical records, X-Rays, laboratories, letters from other physicians, etc, using the computer. 

The software also comes with a sophisticated HIPAA security and control feature that automatically allows the right people to access the material scanned, while logging who saw what when, and who printed what for whom. You may even use this feature to store your own personal documents that you may not wish other members of your clinic to see.

If you're unwilling to purchase a complex Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR), or if you already own an EMR and still have a paper-jam, Scanaway is the perfect complement to your busy office.

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Scanaway Electronic Medical Record Management, and Practice Management Program
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